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The Bunny Hill Team



Sue keeps Bunny Hill running. She’s our graphic designer, and you’ll see her influence on our website, blog, newsletter, and pattern pages. She makes everything look beautiful! She does the graphics for our patterns, helps with orders, and so much more!

Sue works with Anne to write our patterns and she helps turn Anne’s drawings and ideas into fabric lines.  

She’s the voice you’ll hear on the phone and the one who answers all your emails. If you’ve ever purchased anything from Bunny Hill, chances are you’ve worked with Sue. She’s been with Bunny Hill for over 14 years.


It was a great day at Bunny Hill when Nancy took over the responsibility for our Trunk Shows! She keeps our quilt shops happy and works miracles moving quilts from shop to shop.

She’s a perfectionist and an exemplary piecer. She’s responsible for piecing together our quilts, and because of her, they are perfection.

She proofs all of our patterns and makes sure they are correct and easy to read. She’s known for her “eagle eyes” and “red pen” mark-ups. She’s so knowledgeable about quilting that she solves any problem we give her.


Kim’s an expert when it comes to applique and embroidery and she’s had a hand in making most of our quits.

While we’re working digitally on quilts, Kim will be preparing the templates for applique. Many times she’ll have them ready before we’ve even received the fabric.

Once the fabric arrives, Kim starts working on the applique and embroidery for us. She’s responsible for making many of our samples. Her work is perfect and we couldn’t do it all without her!

Special Thanks

We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you to all the people who help make us who we are!

Alyssa Felmann, our hand model.

Miracle Lee, our hand model too!

Becky Hubel and Maggi Honeyman make our quilts come to life with their beautiful quilting.

Gregory Case, who does many of the photos for our patterns.  He’s been with us from the very beginning

Tommy Lee, who makes printing our patterns a delight.

Our Moda Family, each and every one of them.



She keeps us on our toes.

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